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Forensic Document Examinations

Fraud Investigations 


Fraud Investigations

Questioned Documents Examined

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Who We Are
  Spring Action Forensic Examinations Inc. is a full service fraud and forgery investigation firm located in Carle Place, NY.  Our firm has Certified Fraud Investigators and Forensic Document Examiners in house who work diligently to investigate financial deceit whether it be fraud or forgery.  We investigate, examine and renders opinions in cases involving fraud and deceit of a variety of types including but not limited to business fraud and consumer fraud. Our examiners thoroughly examine various types of documents such as accounts payable and receivables, business and personal contracts, disputed wills, deeds, forged checks, anonymous or threatening letters and much more in order to make a determination on whether a crime has been committed. We investigate crime suspicions
render our opinion, provide professional reports and stand up in courts of law as expert witnesses on behalf of our clients. ​At  Spring Action Forensic Examinations we work with attorneys, private investigators, accountants, banks, schools, government agencies, art museums, business owners, consumers and more.  
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What We Do

     Fraud Investigations    

Billing Schemes

Employee Theft / Embezzlement

Check Tampering

Identity Theft

Asset Misappropriation

Landlord Tenant Fraud

Property Management Fraud

Bank Fraud

Vendor Fraud

Payroll Fraud

Employer Fraud

Mortgage Fraud

Credit Card Fraud

Receivables Fraud

Restaurant Fraud


What We Examine

Court Records

Forged Checks

 Medical records

Mortgage Notes

Rental Agreements

Birth Certificates

Bank Statements

Wills, Trust, Deeds

Business Contracts

Anonymous Letters

Counterfeit Currency


Credit Card Statements

Document and Handwriting Examinations 
Document Authentication 
Handwriting Analysis
Handwriting Identification
Detection of Alterations
Ink Differentiation
Examination of indented writing
Interpretation of Obliterations
Investigation of Line Sequence
Document Photography
Examinations and Reports
Deposition and Court Testimony
Exhibit Preparation

All fees are payable in advance.

All expenses associated with examinations, written reports, testimony

travel and lodging are the responsibility of the client.

Mailing Address

Spring Action Forensic Examinations Inc.

309 Westbury Avenue #145

Carle Place, NY 11514


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