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What is a questioned document examiner?

A Questioned Document Examiner also known as a Forensic Document Examiner, is the person you want to call when you need to know if a document is genuine or a forgery.  Eleanor E. Spring QDE, CFE, 516-944-8024


What is considered a document?                          

A document is any material which can hold a permanent or semi-permanent message. A message written on a piece of paper,

 a type written message, an email, a computer generated letter, graffiti written on walls or locker doors, chalk boards, lipstick on mirrors, cardboard boxes etc. 


What is considered a forgery?

A forgery is the signing of another person’s name without consent. A forgery is also any alteration made to a document without authorization.


What does a questioned document examiner do?

A questioned document examiner is retained by attorneys and others when the authenticity of a document is in question. A document can be anything from a check, to a written letter,  to a piece of art work and more, the document examiner's job is to apply scientific techniques to the questioned document to detect whether it is genuine, a forgery or has been altered in any way.


Can a document examiner tell if a document has been altered in ways other than the signature?

Yes, a document examiner can tell if information has been added to or erased from a document and the sequence of the information written or printed on a document.


Do the courts recognize and accept the testimony of questioned document examiners?

Yes, courts in the United States have recognized and have accepted the testimony of questioned document examiners since the early 19th century.





















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